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- Winston Churchill

About Product pesticide

Pesticide products produced of Sari Kresna Kimia are producing some kind of several species of Herbicide, Insecticides, Fungicide, and Rodenticide but there are some of the products being marketed with kind of Fertilizer and Other product like Houshold, Mitra flora and ZPT.

Belonging of product SARI KRESNA KIMIA is a product which has been through all the stage set by the department of agriculture test the republic of indonesia, a toxic pesticide is a kind of very careful in using it because it contains a formula that can cause various diseases example when exposed to pesticides human skin caused by drugs such as burning can be wound, hence we always give a clue to the active ingredient in avoiding pesticide users to use it with this very carefully.

New Product

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Fenvalerat 200 g/l EC Kartap Hidroklorida 50% SP
Abamectin 20 g/l EC Klorpirifos 200 g/l + Sipemetrin 50 g/l EC
Abamectin 36 g/l EC Klorpirifos 550 g/l + Sipermetrin 60 g/l EC
Alfa-sipermetrin 15 g/l EC Klorpyrifos 200 g/l EC
Alpha-cypermethryn 100 g/l EC Klorpyrifos 410 g/l EC
Alpha-cypermethryn 50 g/l EC Lamda sihalotrin 50 g/l EC
Asefat 75 % SP Lamda sihalotrin 55 g/l EC
BPMC 500 g/l EC MIPC 51,3 % WP
Deltametrin 25 g/l EC Permethryn 300 g/l EC
Dimehypo 290 g/l SL Permetrin 50 g/l EC
Dimehypo 400 g/l SL Profenofos 500 g/l EC
Dimethoate 400 g/l EC Sipermethryn 100 g/l EC
Fipronil 50 g/l SC Sipermethryn 110 g/l  SC
Imidakloprid 200 g/l SL Sipermetrin 30 g/l EC
Imidakloprid 25 % WP Sipermetrin 50 g/l EC
Karbofuran 3% GR Siromazin 75% WP
Kartap Hidroklorida 4% GR
2,4 D dimetilamina 720 g/l SL IPA Glifosat 555 g/l SL
2,4 D dimetilamina 865 g/l  SL Metil metsulfuron 24% WG
Amethrin 500 g/l SL Metil metsulfuron 24% WP
Amethrin 80% SL Monoammo glifosat 75.7 SL
Diuron 500 g/l SL Oksadiazon 250 g/l EC
Diuron 80% SL Parakuat diklorida 297 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 160 g/l SL Paraquat Dichloride 276 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 240 g/l SL Triklopir 480 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 300 g/l +  2,4 D dimetilamina 100 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 365 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 400 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 480 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 490 g/l SL
IPA Glifosat 520 g/l SL
Difenokonazol 250 g/l SC
Dimetomorph 50% WP
Heksaconazol 50 g/l SC
Klorotalonil 75% WP
Mancozb 64%+Simoksi 8%  WP
Mankozeb 80% WP
Propineb 70% WP
Simoksanil 50 % WP
Sulfur 80% WP
Tembaga Hidroksida 77% WP
Ziram 90% WP
Seng fosfida 80%
Brodifacoum 0.005 %
Termefos 1,0 %
Niklosamida 250 g/L
Fentin asetat 60%
Etefon 10 %
Etefon 250 g/l
Paklobutrazol 15 %
Paklobutrazol 250 g/l
NPK Unsur Mikro + TE
NPK 18-8-12-3
NPK 12-13-11-3
NPK 16-9-19-2
NPK Unsur Mikro + TE
NPK 15-15-15