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Company Profile

 SARI KRESNA KIMIA, PT has established since 1979, and we are the one of the largest national pesticide company. Not only the local market but we has reach Asia market. The business development increased and grows fast, this shows that the products are accepted by users or farmers and best partner for retailers. SARI KRESNA KIMIA, PT continuously improve the service and product quality, and each year succeded to release new products that fit with the latest methodological when controlling plant pests.

Currently SARI KRESNA KIMIA, PT has one hundred one pesticide product from herbicide, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, fertilizers and household categories. The products have been selling on Indonesia and has been used for personal and national plantation, to support the vision of becoming the best national agrochemical company in Indonesia and International. SARI KRESNA KIMIA, PT has built a new factory with bigger capacity to increasing the productivity, the new factory could be use to increase production capacity, application the integrated production system, develop and supporting all production requirements.

SARI KRESNA KIMIA, PT within its business development then becomes a holding company, build a Horticultural Company called KRESNA CITRA UTAMA and Industry of animal feed called KRESNA MULTI PAKAN, and then Mining, Property and Consumer goods.

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Being Group of Agrochemical Industry

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Property Company


Being product of company industry

Being firm best pesticide in Indonesia.

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Staff Pabrik

We are commite to make best quality of pesticide product in accordance with clean and safety plant and give plant to living standards of farmers.