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Plant growth regulator improves the plant even better.

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Increase plant growth rapidly

List product Household

Niklosamida               RI. 01050120103673         PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Molluscicides contact and respiratory poison shaped yellowish concentrates that can be emulsified to control pests mubei Pomaceas pp snail in rice paddies.

Crops Target Pest
 Formulasi Way of application time
Paddy rice Murbei Pomacea spp snail 1 – 2 I/ha High volume spraying

Fentin asetat 60%            RI. 01010120145080              PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Protective and curative molluscicides in the form of suspended powders are used to control the pearl of the mulberry snail Pomacea canaliculata in wetland rice.

Crops Target Pest Formulasi Application time
Paddy rice Murbei Pomacea snail 500 g/ha High volume spraying

List product ZPT

Paklobutrazol 250 g/l      RI. 01040120083245       PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Regenerative plant-growing substance in the form of white, water-soluble paste to increase the amount of flowering and fertilization in mango plants.

Commodity Formulasi Application time
Manggo 10 ml/l water/tree High volume spraying

Etefon 10 %    RI. 01040120083078    PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Potted plant growth regulator pink paste, to stimulate the release of latex in rubber plants.

Commodity Formulasi Application time
Rubber 1 g/tree High volume spraying

TAMAPON 480 SL            

Etefon 250 g/l    RI. 3229/7-2008/T             PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Plant growth regulators in the form of a solution in water to stimulate flowering in plants

Commodity Formulasi Application time
pineapple 1.5 ml/l High volume spraying
Application is done in the afternoon

List product Fertilizer

NPK Unsur Mikro + TE           02.02.2014.069              PT. Sari Kresna Kimia

Land productivity boosters without damaging the environment.

Commodity Formulasi Application time
Holticulture, crops, plantations Niktogen ( totalN ) 16,00 % As per the instructions
Fosfor ( P2O5 ) 0,30 %
Kalium ( K2O ) 6.51%
Kalsium ( CaO ) 1,80 %
Magnesium ( MgO ) 0,03 %
Sulfur ( S unsur ) 3,00 %
Seng ( Zn Unsur ) 5,00 ppm
Tembaga ( Cu unsur ) 3,00 ppm
Total Mn, Fe, Mo dan B 250,00 ppm
Bahan Organik 4,00 %
Padat Tersuspensi 20,00 %
PH 7,00