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Fodder is the result of product quality of KRESNA MULTI PAKAN have products through the lab in the process of trial by formula in work by experts through laboratory to result in product quality made into products for each seed products belonging to feed IN KRESNA MULTI PAKAN.

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Animal feed produced located in the area east karawang , production of animal feed in pasarkan that there are three types namely chicken , duck and fish , of one kind of animal feed produced divided into several sub according the production and the breeding of animals in biakan , as is the case chicken fodder given several types of starting from a starter until grower and no kind of the breeding of laying with a kind of and cattle , and to duck the same thing goes divided become the type of laying and cattle , while fish only divided as the breeding of course.

A kind of animal feed fish divided into 2 in accordance with kinds of fish , the weft of which products produced for the time being a focus on feed on fish mas and feed on fish pomfret , in the category of kinds of fish breeding ‘s definitely focus as a measure as well as from fish on a farm breeding.


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We make the following link catalogue product feed krishna feed in the form of a pdf to the size of a 1.7 mb summarizes feed chicken products , ducks and fish with nutrients as well as the content of the raw material that we complete so as to be easily in the implementation of the appropriations for farm animals that will be given feed by adjusting content of needs and according the correct balance will be given to farm animals.

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