About Us



The company was established in 2012, focuses on the agro-bisnis that produces quality fodder with its top priority like a fish, chickens and ducks with a production filigree in the east, products in pasarkan having a division in sortir as the animals pasarkan as feed chicken in for the production of be a broiler chicken and laying and feed on fish which is dedicated to carp and fish pomfret and a duck is dedicated to breeding.

The weft of which produce have been through test efficacy of the lab which is housed at the same time as an area of production in filigree east.


Be the best and leading to feed company in indonesia.


> Trying to develop human resources and their corporate culture, focusing in better performance
> A cordial relationship with business partners and customer.


Mr. Ir Andreas Budianto

The Owner of the company Kresna Holding