Concrete proof of “BIG PAPPER F1” Big Chili

Concrete proof of  “BIG PAPPER F1” Big Chili


The visit of several distributors and team agronomis seed in the village guntung, kec .Haruyan — kabupaten HST South kalimantan is the visit directly who see evidence of directly on the size of big large chili papper hocky seed formula applied in the area growing.

A form of fruit already cropping are fruits that can be regarded as great with size like a carrot, a kind of large this is big papper chili seed hocky chili products seed ours, and its growth was quick to the growing season that can reach 200 per plant fruit, with size can along 15 cm, but to of planting big papper large chili can only be planted in the area the lowlands 0 – 600 mdpl, with tall plant was good remains strong the possibility of some 150 cm.

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