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The company was founded in 2011 with areas of its business in the field of plant growth as the main priority among others by developing the superior products company, the product which is in pasarkan is hocky seed, the product hocky seed having 63 a trademark that was tend to focus on product holtikultura have gone to the market.

The potential of a seed plant owned by KRESNA CITRA UTAMA having scope for the plains with type investors and indeterminate determinate , growth recorded are more in greater than the yield of fruit natural because the development of which has been tested in detail by people formulator expert we , the product which is more focused in the marketing of when this is tomatoes , chili and watermelon , because the value of community interest in the market more much liked and superior in growth the size of the results of its fruit.

Be a quality seed Company and excels in International Agriculture.

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  • Producing quality seeds , marketing it and advance the cultivation of plants holtikultura against the farmers

  • Develop human resources better